Flink Forward kicks off with one day of training sessions on April 10. Our one day trainings are each led by members of the data Artisans team. A higher quality training session is hard to find! You’ll take part in a hands-on learning session led by true experts.

Choosing a track – If you are new to Flink, come to the standard training. If you’ve been working with Flink and want to deepen your understanding of the lower-level APIs, and learn some best practices for managing applications in production, then come to the advanced training.

Standard training – An in-depth introduction to stream processing with Apache Flink. Highlights: event time processing and out-of-order events, windowing, state management, and fault tolerance.

Advanced training – This session assumes you have had an initial experience with Flink. The emphasis will be on newer and more advanced (and lower-level) parts of the API, and on operational topics, such as metrics, monitoring, savepoints, and rescaling.

Both training tracks are very much hands-on; you’ll need a laptop and a knowledge of Java and/or Scala. The Flink trainings require preparations which involves downloading software binaries, Maven dependencies, and test data. Because we all know how reliable and well-performing conference WiFi tends to be, we kindly ask you to do the setup for the training in advance. We will send you detailed instructions before the event.