Pravega: Storage Reimagined for Streaming World

Pravega is  a stream storage system that we designed and built from the ground up for modern day stream processors such as Flink.  Its storage layer is tiered and designed to provide low latency for writing and reading, while being able to store an unbounded amount of stream data that eventually becomes cold. We rely on a high-throughput component to store cold stream data, which is critical to enable applications to rely on Pravega alone for storing stream data. Pravega’s  API enables applications to manipulate streams with a set of desirable features such as avoiding duplication and writing data transactionally. Both features are important for applications that require exactly-once semantics. This talk goes into the details of Pravega’s architecture and establishes the need for such a storage system.

Speakers involved

Srikanth Satya

Vice President of Engineering, Unstructured Storage Team,