AthenaX : Uber’s streaming processing platform on Flink

The mission of Uber is to make transportation as reliable as running water. The business is fundamentally driven by real-time data -- more than half of the employees in Uber, many of whom are non-technical, use SQL on a regular basis to analyze data and power their business decisions. We are building AthenaX, a stream processing platform built on top of Apache Flink to enable our users to write SQL to process real-time data efficiently and reliably at Uber's scale. Using Apache Calcite as query parser, AthenaX compiles the SQL down to Flink jobs. Leveraging Flink's unique streaming capabilities, AthenaX supports (1) consistent computations reliably thanks to at-least-once guarantees, (2) nontrivial analytics (e.g., windowing and joins) on multiple data sources, and (3) efficient and cost-effective executions in production through code generation and elastic scaling.

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