Extending Flink’s Streaming APIs

As more and more organizations and individual users turn to Apache Flink for their streaming workloads, there is a bigger demand for additional functionality out-of-the-box. On one hand, there is demand for more low-level APIs that allow for more control, while on the other, users ask for more high-level additions that make the common cases easier to express. This talk will present the new concepts added to the Datastream API in Flink-1.2 and for the upcoming Flink-1.3 release that tried to consolidate the aforementioned goals. We will talk, among others, about the ProcessFunction, a new low level stream processing primitive that gives the user full control over how each event is processed and can register and react to timers, changes in the windowing logic that allow for more flexible windowing strategies, side outputs, and new features concerning the Flink connectors.

Speakers involved