Joining the Scurry of Squirrels: Contributing to Apache Flink

Since graduation from the Apache Incubator some 2 years ago, Apache Flink has been thriving as a pioneering data streaming engine used in production across a wide range of organizations. Powering this momentum of growing traction is a community-wide effort driven by over 260 worldwide contributors (as of January 2017). This talk aims at providing information on the many ways that one can also join the community and start contributing to Flink. Like any other successful project, there are some simple guidelines for contributors to allow easier reviewing and pull request merging. We will go through the best practices of the contribution process, introducing the Apache Way of how the community collaborates, as well as some procedures that the community uses for discussions such as FLIPs (Flink Improvement Proposals). Another main objective of this talk is to promote parts of the project that are currently undergoing heavy development and is welcoming to extra pairs of helping hands.