Announcing Keynote Speaker Chinmay Soman


We are thrilled to announce one of our keynote speakers for the first San Francisco edition of Flink Forward: Chinmay Soman.

Chinmay Soman has been working in the distributed systems domain for the past 7+ years. He started out in IBM where he worked on distributed filesystems (NFS) and replication technologies. He then joined the Data Infrastructure team in LinkedIn and worked on Voldemort – an open source distributed key-value store, as well as Apache Samza. He’s currently a Staff Software Engineer in Uber where he leads the Streaming Platform team. This team is responsible for building the pub-sub messaging infrastructure and near real time analytics platform.

In his keynote “Real Time Analytics in the Real World – Challenges and Lessons at Uber” Chinmay will talk about how the advancements in stream processing and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) technologies have enabled faster insights into the data coming in, thus powering near real time decisions. His talk focusses on how Uber uses real time analytics for solving complex problems such as Fraud detection, Operational intelligence, Intelligent Incentive spend and showcase the corresponding infrastructure that makes this possible. Furthermore he will present the key challenges involved in data ingestion, correctness, backfill and he will also go over enabling SQL and Flink to support real-time decision making for data science and analysts.